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Special to RightWisconsin


Special to RightWisconsin


The mainstream media’s new favorite talking point is that there’s no “fraud” in Florida.
*Broward’s Brenda Snipes counted invalid votes.
*Palm Beach’s Susan Bucher privately duplicated ballots.
*Dem lawyers want to count votes from non-citizens.

What should we call that?

I notice @NRO and @weeklystandard both out of the box quickly criticizing the giveaway to @amazon. American conservatism is liberal in the best and old-fashioned sense: Limited government and free markets yes, corporatist coddling and crony capitalism no!

As China’s economic growth slows and a trade war with the US continues, Beijing is further tightening the country's rules on domestic news coverage.

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@WILL on Twitter

4 hours ago
. @WillFlandersWI joins @VickiMcKenna at 2:35 PM today on @newstalk1130 to discuss the results of the new report card.

Tune in!
WILawLiberty photo
WILL @WILawLiberty
Research Director @WillFlandersWI took a quick dive into the new DPI state report card data for #Milwaukee schools.

"Any calls to “phase out” or arrest education reform efforts would be a major step backwards for thousands of Milwaukee families"
4 hours ago
"MPS schools in the two lowest categories have enrollment of nearly 34,000."

Check out @WillFlandersWI dive into the new state report cards.
4 hours ago
At 3 PM CST, @DeAngelisCorey and @WillFlandersWI host a Facebook live on the results of their study of the #Milwaukee education marketplace. Tune in!


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