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Special to RightWisconsin


Special to RightWisconsin


Lucas and Chisholm Owe Answers on Tammany Hall Style Nepotism

Hagedorn Supreme Court Campaign Launches Its First Television Ad

Report: Medicaid expansion in Wisconsin to cost more than $1 billion per year via @WisWatchdog

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1 hour ago
ICYMI: WILL Director of Education Policy @LibbySobic discussed WILL's Roadmap to Student Achievement on WVCY's 'In Focus'
2 hours ago
Wisconsin Republicans tout conservative group's study in opposition to Medicaid expansion via @CapTimes
4 hours ago
Great work again by @WILawLiberty. Trying to increase Medicaid rolls isn't a solution to our dire health care spending problem. We need price transparency & consumer choice in health care to solve. @Tony4WI is playing a costly game to appease his base. #wiright #WICantAffordIt
6 hours ago
Free money? Even when ‘savings’ to the state are included – #MedicaidExpansion will cost #Wisconsin $600 million per year in higher healthcare costs.

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