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Why Foster Forward Is Needed

A new report called “Flooding the System” from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty examines two of the biggest issues facing the state today: the opioid crisis and the increase of kids in foster care. This study shows just how closely these two problems are intertwined and confirms the need for legislative action like Foster Forward.

Special to RightWisconsin



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Judge Michael Screnock for State Supreme Court

Screnock is the only candidate who has stated that he will issue opinions based on the law and the state Constitution, not his personal preference. He has been consistent throughout the campaign on this point, and it's the only issue that matters in this race.

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Key Reads

Dr. Will Flanders, the Research Director for the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, joins Editor James Wigderson on this week’s episode of RightWisconsin Conversations. Flanders discusses his work on school choice, including his recent work for school choice in Mississippi. He also explains some of his research about occupational licenses.

Finally, why did this nice guy from warm Georgia decide to come to wintry Wisconsin to do his research?

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