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Special to RightWisconsin


Special to RightWisconsin


Evers pulled a bait and switch on WI. He went from "fix the damn roads" to "bankroll the damn trolley" almost overnight.

For years, I heard people say, “You could move to Japan as a child and live there 60 years, but never be considered Japanese. You can come to America and, five minutes later, be an American — if you embrace it.” I like that, and hope it remains true.

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12 hours ago
Two Eau Claire TIF Cases Dismissed

Courts dismissed two separate challenges to Eau Claire TIF districts this week, showing an unwillingness to hold cities to the strict requirements state statutes place on their creation.
16 hours ago
WILL Executive VP @CJSzafir joins @JohnMuirWTAQ at 8:38 AM on @NewsTalkWTAQ to discuss how @TheDemocrats presidential candidates are ripping #SchoolChoice ahead of their convention in #Milwaukee - the birthplace of school choice.
WILawLiberty photo
1 day ago
2020 Dems are going hard against #schoolchoice pitting them against low-income children in Milwaukee - where the Convention will be in 1 year.

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