Because of Leah’s efforts, we have seen remarkable conservative reforms in Wisconsin: record high employment, Act 10, Right to Work, dismantling the biased Government Accountability Board, expanding School Choice statewide, and so much more.

One of the most important reasons for supporting Leah is because of her dedication to advancing pro-life causes in the Legislature. Because of Leah’s hard work, state tax dollars no longer go to Planned Parenthood and unborn babies old enough to feel pain are protected. She’s also been a vocal advocate to stop the barbaric practice of selling aborted body parts from unborn children for a lab experiment.

I know those I represent in Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Calumet counties are passionate defenders of life, and I know they will want a candidate who we can count on to protect life. Leah is the only candidate with a proven track record.

Beyond Leah’s ability to fight fearlessly and boldly for life, Leah also has a willingness to do what’s best for the entire state of Wisconsin. I’ve had the opportunity to see this first-hand while sitting on the Senate Health committee, which she chairs. Leah works to bring consensus to every issue she possibly can.

Even though unanimous vote bills may not get front page news, a vast majority of the bills we pass through the Health committee have bipartisan support and work to improve health care for all Wisconsinites. Leah has an excellent rapport with senators on both sides of the aisle, and she works to find agreement without compromising her core conservative principles.

Leah will be a senator who strives to represent all of Wisconsin — including the unborn who have no voice. I’m proud to back her as she runs for Senate and I would encourage you to do so, too.

A small business owner from Oostburg, Devin LeMahieu represents the 9th District in the Wisconsin State Senate.