Republicans in the state Senate passed the “Zero-Based Budgeting Bill” authored by state Sen. Dave Craig (R-Town of Vernon). The bill now goes to Governor Scott Walker for his signature.

“With final passage in the Senate, the bill now goes to the Governor for signature. This law will restore an important tool to make government do what families and businesses do every day – examine every dollar, see what is working, and evaluate priorities,” said Craig in a statement after the bill passed the Senate. “Wisconsin families and businesses have to put all their bills and receipts on the table when making their budgets and so should government.”

The bill would require state agencies to submit for a complete review of their programs and expenses every four years as part of theirbiennial budget requests. The law was previously passed by the legislature in 2002 but was repealed in 2009 under former Governor Jim Doyle (D) and Democratic control of both houses of the legislature.