The state capitol was visited by representatives of liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen America handing out little badges to insult lawmakers over their support for the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.

As one legislative staff member said to me, this is not the way to start a dialog.

One office was visited by a middle-aged woman, a young lady possibly in her late teens or maybe her early twenties, and a young man of high school age who did most of the talking. He read to the legislative staff a letter from his mom.

If we’re supposed to take these children protesting guns seriously, reading a note from their mommy is probably not the best way to demonstrate that they have the maturity or the wisdom to weigh in on matters of public policy. Then again, the adults that put these kids up to handing out these childish “badges” and reading speeches (written by supposed adults) are not exactly demonstrating mature judgment, either.