The Republican Party of Wisconsin is sending signs that their campaign against Judge Rebecca Dallet, a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, is not going to let up. Three billboards around the state are reminding voters of Dallet’s hypocrisy on recusing herself when there are conflicts of interest.

“The billboards are critical of Dallet’s hypocrisy on recusal, after a Wisconsin State Journal story disclosed that Dallet took money from attorneys with more than 100 cases in front of her on the bench,” according to a release from the Republican Party.

Dallet is running against Judge Michael Screnock for the vacant Supreme Court seat.

The billboards encourage voters to visit to see examples of Dallet’s hypocrisy. They’re located at The the Mason Street Bridge in downtown Green Bay, along I-94 at 14th Street and St. Paul Avenue in Milwaukee, and at 2153 South Hastings Way in Eau Claire.

In addition to hearing cases involving attorneys that are donors to her campaign, Dallet has also presided over cases involving her husband’s law firm despite a personal pledge not to. She is also being called out for criticizing so-called “dark-money” expenditures in the race but has not criticized former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s efforts on her behalf. Holder, who served under President Barack Obama, is pledging to spend $140,000 in the race and campaign personally for Dallet.