I have had the pleasure of serving with Leah Vukmir in the state legislature for the past 11 years. She’s someone who is committed and dedicated to making Wisconsin an even better place to live, work and retire.

As someone who grew up on and lives on a dairy farm, I understand and value sticking with your roots. Leah has stuck with her roots. Her support for not only her constituency but all the people in Wisconsin has been unwavering. Even though her current district does not include a dairy farm, she has never forgotten that all industries, including agriculture, make our state stronger. She knows a smaller, more responsible government is the only way to create an environment where business can thrive.

Leah does not believe a healthy economic climate is built on regulation. I have worked with her during our time together to eliminate wasteful counter-competitive regulations in order to help Wisconsin grow. While working against the wasteful spending and government overreach proposals offered by the liberals, we had Leah’s voice.

As a nurse, Leah’s expertise in health care has also been invaluable as Wisconsin has expanded access to quality care throughout the state. Leah has always been focused on the individuals. Because of that Leah has been a leader in providing and improving access to health care in our more rural areas that work and complement her conservative ideals.

Leah Vukmir has experience and a proven record of reform. She has served in the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate. She listens, develops a plan, goes into action and is relentless. She’s running for U.S. Senate to bring about real conservative change for Wisconsin and America.

Please join me and choose Leah Vukmir as Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator.

Rep. Gary Tauchen represents Wisconsin’s 6th Assembly District.