In my experience as an educator, I know no one is better to advocate for their children than a mom on a mission. That’s exactly why I’m supporting Leah Vukmir to be our next U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.

When Leah’s daughter was in kindergarten, she was struggling to learn how to read. So, Leah asked her daughter’s teacher to show her the research behind the reading program they were using. Because she asked that question, she was sent to the principal’s office, then the superintendent’s, and suddenly she found herself volunteering and leading a parent group focused on raising educational standards.

Years later, when she joined the Legislature, Leah continued to fight to improve our schools. Because of her leadership, parents across Wisconsin are given more power to choose the school that best fits their children’s needs. Leah has also been a bold supporter of parents who want to opt their children out of testing that they don’t feel comfortable with.

Leah’s reforms continued with her support of merit-based pay for teachers in public schools. Protestors stormed the Capitol daily, but she stood strong and supported Gov. Scott Walker in passing Act 10, which helped balance our budget and improve education. Now our schools can hire the most qualified candidates and reward the cream of the crop – improving the quality of education for our children.

Her determination didn’t stop there. When it comes to issues that matter, Leah’s not afraid to stand up to complacent colleagues or entrenched, liberal bureaucrats to make a difference. Leah was the loudest voice with me as we fought to stop Common Core from becoming the norm for our education standards. We faced fierce opposition from people who were OK with the federal one-size-fits-all curriculum, but we diligently worked together to try and allow our school districts to adopt benchmarks that fit Wisconsin’s unique needs.

As a champion for education reform in Wisconsin, Leah is the proven conservative we need in the U.S. Senate. Just like she’s stood up for her daughter, Wisconsin parents, and their children, she will stand up for us against the liberal D.C. elites who think they know better than we do for our families.

It’s going to be difficult to drain the swamp of Washington, but Leah will not back down from a fight or forget the people and values she’s supposed to represent. I choose Leah for Senate, and I encourage you to join me in supporting her.

State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond Du Lac) represents Wisconsin’s 52nd Assembly District.