Cathy Myers, a Democratic candidate for Congress in the First Congressional District, says her opponent Randy Bryce’s failure to pay back child support until he decided to run for Congress is an issue in the Democratic Primary.

Myers released a video on Twitter, in response to an interview by Vice News, attacking Bryce’s claims about how his failure to pay child support was no fault of his own:

In the video, Myers points out that Bryce, while he was behind on his child support payments, still managed to self-finance his previous campaigns with $8540 of his own money. After announcing his run for Congress, Bryce was able to pay off $1257 in delinquent child support payments from 2015 and another $4245 on a 15-year-old debt. The second debt payoff was negotiated, according to the recipient, by a lawyer from the Democratic Party.

The video by Myers does not mention Bryce’s purchase of fake Twitter followers during that time.

However, Myers makes a point of saying that she believes the past due child support payments will be an issue in the race. “I don’t think he’s electable to be perfectly honest,” Myers said in the video. “I think the women who have talked to me about this race and talked to me about my primary opponent have said that the child support issue is a real problem to them.”

Myers and Bryce are competing in the Democratic Primary on August 14. The winner will go on to the November election to face the Republican candidate in this open seat.

Bryce is being backed by Hollywood liberals and Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI02). Pocan recently attempted to talk former Congressman and current state Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) out of entering the race, but Barca is reportedly still considering a run. “This is a vital seat, and it’s going to have to be about who has the best chance of winning,” Barca told the Kenosha News shortly after House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI01) declined to run for re-election.

The leading Republican candidate is Bryan Steil, a former aide to Ryan, an attorney and a member of the UW System Board of Regents.