In a few months, we have a decision to make. We will choose our voice in the U.S. Senate. The idea of “our voice” can get lost in the world of politics. We want to elect people who represent our values, principles, and priorities. We hope that our choices are not people who want the prestige of a title or have their own agenda — because that person won’t be our voice.

The great news is that there is someone who knows what Wisconsin values are because she lives them daily, has fought for our principles even when others attempted to shout over her and currently defends our priorities at the state Capitol — Leah Vukmir.

When you look to hire someone for your business, to babysit your children, or to perform a surgical procedure, you look at their experience. Leah has the experience of listening and performing exceptionally in delivering conservative wins for our state: $8 billion in tax cuts, Right to Work, voter ID, concealed carry, school choice expansion and many more. This is the track record we should look at when deciding who can best challenge the status quo and support President Trump’s agenda in Washington.

When I hear the buzzwords people are using today to degrade what Leah has done — career politician, establishment, RINO — I have to laugh.

Leah and I used to carpool back and forth from Waukesha County to our days on the Senate floor. During those car rides, we had thoughtful and intense discussions, and I really got to know Leah.

Leah is a mom on a mission, a nurse wanting to save lives, a representative who truly listens to those she represents. Never did I hear her say “me.” It was how do “we” help remove government’s influence, so people can succeed? The Leah most people don’t see is the negotiator who constantly works to get good legislation done, the leader that has and will stand firm on her principles in caucus and work to bring the team together. These are the skills we need in our U.S. Senator.

I choose Leah because as a nurse practitioner she understands how to care for others and listen as they explain their concerns. I choose Leah because she understands the political process and works to push other senators to the right. I choose Leah because she helped to “establish” our conservative agenda in Madison.

This year we have an opportunity to show the rest of the country the Wisconsin Way. We have that leader that helped us make Wisconsin great again. Please join me in choosing Leah Vukmir for U.S. Senate.

Paul Farrow (R-Pewaukee) has been the Waukesha County Executive since 2015. He is also a former member of the Assembly (2011-12) and the Senate (2012-15).