Governor Scott Walker’s campaign released excerpts on Friday from his planned speech to the Republican Party state convention this weekend. In the speech, Walker is expected to unveil the campaign theme that will carry on through the fall election, “Winning the 21st Century.” The speech will be both a look forward to another possible four years as governor as well as a look back at Walker’s two terms and the accomplishments.

The governor’s speech will have a warning to Republicans what will happen if the Democrats take over Wisconsin government in the November elections:

… In Wisconsin, we make big, bold promises and then we keep them. We’ve shown the world that common-sense, conservative reforms work. 

But that could all go away in one election. If a Democrat is elected as Governor, we will also likely lose the majorities in the State Legislature. If that happens, all of the positive reforms we worked so hard for could be gone!

Record-low unemployment? Gone 

Lower property taxes on working families and senior citizens? Gone

Balanced budgets? Gone

Record actual dollar investments in schools? Gone

UW Tuition Freeze? Gone

Photo ID to vote? Gone

Lower taxes on small businesses? Gone

Protection for the unborn and elderly? Gone 

Ability to protect yourself and your family? Gone

Lower taxes on farmers and manufacturers? Gone

Relief from high health care premiums under Obamacare? Gone

Right to choose if you want to be in a union or not? Gone

Collective bargaining reforms in Act 10 that saved schools and local governments billions of dollars? Gone. 

The child tax rebate for working parents and grandparents? Gone

Requirements for able-bodied adults to work and be able to pass a drug test to get welfare assistance? Gone

Foxconn’s 13,000 good-paying, family-supporting jobs — and with it — the likelihood that any other employers would ever come or expand in Wisconsin? Gone

All of these reforms could very well be gone after the next election. … 

Walker’s speech will also have an echo of the two earlier “wake up calls” posted by the governor after the GOP lost a special election in state Senate District 10 and the Wisconsin Supreme Court race:

The far Left knows what is at stake. That’s why Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder is here laying the groundwork for the fall elections. It’s why liberal billionaires Tom Steyer and George Soros are focused on Wisconsin. It’s why the big government union bosses and the Washington-based liberal special interest groups have made us — yet again — one of the top targets in America. 

They know what’s at stake in this election. 

We need to wake up.  

This election is going to be tougher than any we’ve faced so far — and the consequences are greater than ever.  

We don’t want to go back to the days of double-digit tax increases, billion-dollar budget deficits and record job loss. That’s what it was like when Democrats last controlled state government. 

They cut millions from schools and local governments. Property taxes and UW tuition went up. And they raided the transportation fund. 

Putting Democrats back in charge of state government would undo our common-sense conservative reforms. We don’t want to go backwards. We want to keep moving Wisconsin forward. 

While the liberals will tell you what they are against, we will tell you what we are for — and then, we’ll do it. 

After the warnings, Walker turns his attention to the next four years and what he hopes to accomplish with the “Wisconsin Wins the 21st Century” agenda. The specifics of this new agenda will be fleshed out further by the campaign as we move into campaign season:

So today, I am excited to lay out the foundation of our plan for the next four years.  We call it Wisconsin Wins the 21st Century. 

We want Wisconsin to be one of the best states in America for millennials AND for retirees.  You may not know this, but we’re already ranked as the 6th best state for millennials — according to the personal finance website WalletHub. And AARP reported that WalletHub ranks us at the 12th best state for retirees.  Looking ahead, we can do even better over the next four years.  

We want our high school graduation rate to be one of the best in the nation with our students truly ready for college and career. And with unemployment levels at historic lows, we want Wisconsin to have one of the highest percentages of people in the workforce of any state in the nation. 

We want Wisconsin to have some of the best healthcare systems in the country for quality. Along with that, we want to have one of the greatest reductions in opioid and illegal drug addiction of any state. 

We want Wisconsin’s working families to be able to keep more of their take-home pay.  To do that, we want to have one of the largest reductions in the tax burden for working families of any state in the nation. 

Bottom line: We want to help the people of Wisconsin win the 21st Century. …