Liberal Milwaukee talk radio host and former gubernatorial candidate Mike Crute is accusing State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers of calling him an “f-ing liar.” Crute says it happened during a candidate’s forum Saturday aired on Crute’s Milwaukee radio station after Evers was upset with Crute’s appraisal of the Evers’ track record on minority education. Crute has since dropped out of the race. Crute recounted the episode on his Monday radio show:

“He was virtually yelling at me down the stage”

“He’s a horrible candidate, who disgraced himself on Saturday.”

“He accused me of lying about his candidacy and I did no such thing.”

“The man grabbed me and called me an f-n liar to my face over the weekend.”

A Facebook video, at about the 51:30 mark, clearly shows a heated confrontation between the two men during a commercial break. What they are saying cannot be heard.

During his radio show, Crute also says, referring to Evers,” “frontrunner my ass.” Evers is, in fact, perceived by many observers to be at the top of a very crowded field for the Democratic nomination to challenge Governor Scott Walker.

Crute’s allegations are notable because he has an influential platform from which to criticize, or promote, candidates in the Democratic field. Media Trackers reached out to the Evers campaign via email and voicemail seeking comment but received no response.

This article appears courtesy of Media Trackers.