Julaine Appling, the President of Wisconsin Family Action, joined RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson for an episode of RightWisconsin Conversations that will be posted on Wednesday regarding Wisconsin’s #17 ranking in The Family Prosperity Index.

But afterward, Appling and Wigderson spoke about the news that broke concerning the U.S. Supreme Court’s 7-2 ruling in favor of a Colorado baker who faced the wrath of the state because he dared to raise a religious objection to baking a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony.

“I am excited to see that the Supreme Court, on a very solid decision, 7 to 2, determined that, yeah, religious liberty sill matters in this country,” Appling said.

The interview about the Supreme Court decision can be heard by clicking the podcast link above or on iTunes. The whole interview with Appling will be posted on RightWisconsin on Wednesday.