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Warning, some of this is sensitive material. We kind of knew that’s the direction we were headed in when Donald Trump was elected president.

Dear Readers,

I know some of you are Democrats. You are truly committed to the cause of “resist.” And I know some of my readers have friends and family that are Democrats that are equally committed to “resist.” And “resist” means accepting help from almost anywhere to fight Trump, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wayward not-fake eyebrow.

I also know that Wisconsin Democrats have been unhinged ever since Governor Scott Walker was elected in 2010. There was even talk of recalling him before he announced Act 10. We know that for many Democrats, that rage just simmers beneath the surface.

However, I think it’s time for an intervention. Some sort of counseling. Perhaps a long, long time in a nice, quiet padded cell. Preferably one without a stripper pole.

Because some Wisconsin Democrats honestly believe pornstar Stormy Daniels is some sort of hero for performing in porn films, sleeping with some billionaire, taking his money, and then claiming he (and his attorney, and her ex-attorney) damaged her reputation.

Hey Stormy, you don’t have a reputation that can be damaged any further.

But listen to some of the Democrats, quoted in the Capital Times, who had to go tuck money in Stormy’s thong before she poured hot wax on her naked body at a strip club:

“Look what she’s doing for women in this country,” says 70-year-old Linda Nelson, who had never been to a strip club before Daniels’ Friday night performance. “She’s suing our president. What could be stronger than that?”

Mia Morissette, 55, of Middleton, describes Daniels as a “sex-positive, strong woman” who’s “really speaking the truth.”

“I want to tell my kids and grandkids I saw Stormy Daniels,” says 30-year-old Jennifer Gramer of Madison, who came to the club with members of her feminist book club. “If she’s the person who brings down the president — for $15 (a ticket), why not?”

And my favorite:

“I’m doing my patriotic duty tonight,” says the man, who asks to go by his first name, Al.

I’m sure, with every dollar Al tucked in a girl’s panties and whatever they’re charging for lap dances these days, he’s standing at attention for the flag. (Was he a shoe salesman?)

I’m surprised Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) wasn’t there, too, to stand up for feminism. Maybe he’s waiting for Daniels to make an appearance at Beansnappers.

There is a real danger to the president stemming from this case. The payout to Daniels was made shortly before the 2016 election and therefore it may be a violation of campaign finance laws.

However, Daniels’ decision to have sex with Trump, take a payout, and then {ahem} kiss and tell doesn’t make her a hero. It makes her a… well, she is a porn star. And any Democrat that sees her as a hero should take her next hot wax bath for her as shock therapy.

Just do it in the privacy of your own home.

James Wigderson