Governor Scott Walker appeared on the Jay Weber Show on WISN-AM on Wednesday and explained the photo with Maria Butina, a Russian national indicted in the Mueller probe of her government’s attempt to influence the 2016 elections.

“This is one of the most ridiculous sort of thing that makes people start to question what’s going on in the media these days,or at least in the print media, when they see things as ridiculous as this” Walker said.

Governor Scott Walker (center) with Maria Butina (right) and Alexander Torshin (left).

Walker explained that the photo was taken like so many other photos with attendees at events, often without the governor knowing who the person is.

“People come up and they introduce themselves. They say hi, sometimes they’ll tell me, ‘my brother had a picture with you’ or ‘my mother’s a fan,’ or whatever it might be,” Walker said. “Then they ask for a picture and we’ll take it. That’s it. That’s exactly what happened.”

Walker denied that any meeting took place.

“There was no sit down,” Walker said. “We were waiting to go on at the National Rifle Association of America convention. I was one of the speakers. We were in the atrium area talking and all sorts of people were there. This person you mentioned and another person with her came up and approached us, said hi, and eventually asked for the picture.”

The irony, Walker noted, is that the media found the photo on the governor’s Our American Revival website. If he had wanted to hide a meeting with Butina, Walker said, they wouldn’t have posted the photo on the internet.

You can listen to the whole discussion between Weber and Walker below: