Dallet Days Ahead

This first appeared in the RightWisconsin Daily Update on August 9, 2018.

Dear Readers,

For a while, it seemed like conservatives had figured out how to win Wisconsin Supreme Court races. Get a judicial conservative, preferably a judge, and run against the liberal being a liberal. It didn’t always work, but it worked often enough that conservatives were able to build a 5-2 majority. In fact, voters actually rejected one liberal Supreme Court Justice candidate twice, once when he challenged an incumbent and once after he was appointed by Governor Jim Doyle.

Photo is from the Justice Rebecca Dallet Facebook page.

That’s him on the left in the photo, former Justice Louis Butler. The photo was posted on Facebook the other day by the campaign of the newest justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Rebecca Dallet, a liberal. Now the conservative majority is down to 4-3.

If you had any question what kind of justice Dallet will be, she showed it by picking someone too liberal for the voters to swear her in. During the campaign, Dallet positioned herself as a moderate while the conservative candidate was absent from the field. The mask is off, now. Turns out Dallet is really Madison attorney Tim Burns in a dress.

Dallet still has a confused idea of what the Supreme Court does in Wisconsin. She called for more immigration and less incarceration of criminals. Apparently she thinks the Court controls border security and whether or not someone commits a crime.

The latter is especially worrying.

“We must follow the law, we must interpret it without favor or bias and we must also recognize that our state is rightly criticized for the data that shows how people of color, especially African-Americans, are being left behind,” Dallet said, according to Wisconsin Public Radio. “We cannot blithely accept that we incarcerate a much higher percentage of our black neighbors.”

This follows calls by Democrats running for governor in Wisconsin to halve our prison population. When we release the prisoners back into communities like Milwaukee, how many African Americans and Hispanics will be “left behind” after violent crime becomes even worse in their neighborhoods? In those communities, what will Dallet’s concern matter after some former prisoner hurts someone following being released to assuage Dallet’s liberal conscience hurts someone?

It’s ironic that Dallet’s campaign started with bashing President Donald Trump when Trump was elected largely because conservatives trusted him to follow through on a promise to nominate conservative judges. If conservatives want better Supreme Court justices, both in Wisconsin and at the federal level, re-electing Gov. Scott Walker and defeating Sen. Tammy Baldwin is a good start.

James Wigderson

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