The Republican Party of Wisconsin has a new television ad that highlights two more cases where Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, the Democratic candidate for governor, failed to remove the licenses of teachers who behaved in an obscene manner in their schools. Unlike the Andy Harris case, these two cases occurred after the state legislature made the law clear that Evers had the power to remove these teaching licenses.

Here is the ad:

Parents and school district officials asked Superintendent Tony Evers to revoke the license of teachers who preyed on our kids.

One teacher shared pornographic images at school.

Another used Snapchat to ask her student to have sex in a storage closet.

Yet another teacher was caught with his pants down in the classroom.

State Superintendent Tony Evers had the power to revoke their licenses, but he refused, leaving our kids unprotected.

The teacher who shared pornographic images was Harris, who taught in the Middleton-Cross Plains school district. As Rick Esenberg of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty explained in an op-ed for RightWisconsin, Evers denies having had the ability to take away Harris’ license, but Evers really did have a choice in deciding whether to punish Harris. Evers made the wrong choice.

The teacher who allegedly propositioned a student over Snapchat was Dayleen Yoerger of the Beloit Turner School. Yoerger  resigned after an investigation by the school district and the Beloit Police Department revealed she had sent multiple sexually provocative Snapchat pictures and messages to one of her high school students. Despite the evidence, the witnesses and even the opinion of an attorney working for Evers, Yoerger was able to retain her teaching license.

The final example in the ad is Ron Thompson of the Bloomer school district. Thompson allegedly was discovered in his classroom with his pants down by another teacher. Thompson was also accused of asking special education students to view porn on their cell phones, making sexually explicit comments about female high school students, and leaving students unsupervised so he could leave school to go drink. Thompson was dismissed by the school district after an investigation but Evers failed to take away the state teaching license.

“Tony Evers always had the authority to revoke licenses in these cases – but the latest revelations occurred after the Governor reinforced this authority in 2011 so there’s no debate that he repeatedly fails to keep kids safe in our schools,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, in a release on Thursday. “Faced with an overwhelming amount of evidence that these individuals were unfit to be in a classroom with students, Evers still abandoned our children and allowed them to remain licensed teachers. Evers is simply unfit to be governor.”