Nobody will forget how Waukesha County became the center of the political universe when a former county clerk forgot to include the city of Brookfield’s votes in the vote totals for a Wisconsin Supreme Court race. But could we be facing a similar crisis this November in Milwaukee? Or elsewhere?

Jerry Bader of Media Trackers is reporting that the Milwaukee County Clerk’s office, through a software error in the WisVote program, managed to double the number of Democratic votes cast in the Milwaukee County sheriff’s race. The canvass showed the total votes cast in the Democratic primary as 219,300 but the ward-by-ward count showed only 109,473 Democratic votes for sheriff.

“Problems with the WisVote software are being blamed for the Milwaukee County canvass of the August 14 Democratic Sheriff’s primary showing almost exactly double the number of votes actually cast on Election Day,” Bader reported.

The vote totals were corrected after the clerk’s office was contacted by Media Trackers. Despite the supposed software glitch, it appears only one race was affected.

“Both the canvass and the ward by ward count shows that Republican Sheriff’s candidate James Villwock received 30 votes,” Bader reported. “No canvass results from other races appear to have been impacted by the WisVote problem.”

WisVote was created by the now-defunct Government Accountability Board (GAB), the forerunner to the current state Election Commission. The GAB was disbanded by the legislature after the agency became involved in an unconstitutional probe of conservative organizations in Wisconsin.

“WisVote is not only a voter registration list, but a full elections administration package,” according to the Election Commission website. It is maintained by the commission’s own internal information technology department.