Two conservative organizations are launching new television ad campaigns targeting Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI).

Americans for Prosperity (AFP-WI) is launching their first post-primary advertising effort of the campaign season in Wisconsin in support of state Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-Brookfield) and the federal tax cuts. The ad also points out Baldwin’s record in support of higher taxes. The following is the text of the ad:

On taxes and spending, there’s a clear choice.
Leah Vukmir fought against special interest loopholes so taxes could be cut for middle-class families.
And Vukmir signed a pledge to oppose new tax hikes.
For Tammy Baldwin, it’s higher taxes and more spending.
Higher sales taxes. Higher income taxes. Higher energy taxes.
Voting for $1.3 trillion in spending.
We can’t afford Tammy Baldwin.
Americans for Prosperity is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Eric Bott, state director of AFP-WI, said in a release Wednesday the contrast between Baldwin and Vukmir is “vivid.”

“Leah Vukmir is a citizen activist turned state legislator who has consistently fought for low taxes, less government, and more freedom for the people of Wisconsin,” Bott said. “Tammy Baldwin is a career politician who seems to have never met a tax increase she didn’t like and voted to continue the D.C. spending spree by $1.3 trillion earlier this year. Hard-working Wisconsinites simply can’t afford to send Tammy Baldwin back to Washington for another six years.”

Bott said AFP-WI is supporting Vukmir because she has been “a principled fighter for free markets and free people.”

“These ads will remind voters that we must fire Tammy Baldwin and elect Leah Vukmir to restore fiscal sanity in Washington and let Wisconsinites keep more of their hard-earned money,” Bott said.

Meanwhile, Concerned Veterans for America-Wisconsin (CVA-WI) is launching an $800,000 ad campaign on Wednesday to remind voters of Baldwin’s failure with the Tomah VA Hospital. The ad, titled “Showing Up,” features three Wisconsin veterans and hits Baldwin for missing committee hearings that could have addressed the conditions in Tomah.

MASON D.: I joined the Army after September 11th.
LESLIE H.: I served in the Army for seven years active duty.
MASON D.: Ms. Baldwin – you say you support veterans, but you didn’t even show up to hearings.
STUART F.: Senator Tammy Baldwin, I want to know why you missed over one hundred important hearings…
LESLIE H.: … on a committee that could have investigated Tomah sooner.
STUART F.: Even after the opioid scandal broke …
LESLIE H.: … why did Tammy Baldwin still skip hearings on opioid abuse?
MASON D.: you say you support veterans, but you didn’t even show up
STUART F.: Tammy Baldwin – you didn’t show up.
MASON D.: And we deserve leaders who will fight for us.
NARRATOR: Concerned Veterans for America is responsible for the content of this ad.

Dan Caldwell, CVA Executive Director, explained the ad campaign in a statement on Wednesday.

“With nearly 400,000 veterans living in Wisconsin, and a VA that has been riddled with scandal, our veterans need a strong voice for them in Congress,” Caldwell said. “Baldwin’s absence and lack of attention at critical moments shows she is not that voice. We need someone who will show up.”