Editor’s Note: Goodwin has since called to apologize. – James Wigderson 9/17/18

Just when you thought the Left couldn’t get any lower, they can. A self-described “union thug” reached out to RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson’s minor daughter to criticize him and her school on social media.

Angela Schissler Goodwin, a Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) school teacher who also describes herself as a “MKE liberal,” tracked down Wigderson’s daughter on Facebook and sent her a unsolicited message about her father.

“We are offended by what was said about MPS. We are an MPS family and those insults are reckless generalizations,” Goodwin wrote to James Wigderson’s daughter. “I can’t imagine why he has such mean ideas about a group of people.”

The pronoun “he” makes it clear that Goodwin knew she was contacting James Wigderson’s daughter, not James Wigderson himself. Goodwin is not a Facebook friend of James Wigderson’s daughter and would have had to specifically search her out online.

James Wigderson’s contact information is also available online.

In Goodwin’s Facebook intro, she describes herself: “Wifey, mom, daughter, sister, union thug public school teacher, recovering Catholic, MKE 414 Liberal.”

Doreen Wigderson, the child’s mother, was shocked and angry that a teacher would contact her minor daughter online because of politics.

“My first reaction is that, as a parent, I’m appalled that an adult would contact my child instead of reaching out to my husband,” Doreen Wigderson, the child’s mother, said Sunday. “I am even more concerned that such a person, who possibly abuses her position as an adult overseeing children to cyberbully a child of someone she disagrees with, is allowed to continue teaching in Milwaukee Public Schools.”

James Wigderson’s daughter was contacted on Tuesday after Milwaukee Journal Sentinel political gossip columnist Dan Bice falsely accused Wigderson of “smearing” MPS students as “little convicts” on Twitter by taking a quote from this editorial out of context without mentioning the link to the Deontay Long story.

Doreen Wigderson was even more concerned about the private details in the message.

“I hope your private school is teaching you better ways to love thy neighbor,” Goodwin wrote to the Wigdersons’ daughter. “I’ll pray for you”

“She’s like a stalker,” Doreen Wigderson said. “Why did she have to point out my daughter was in a private school? What did that have to do with anything? Was she trying to intimidate us or scare my daughter?”

Doreen Wigderson said MPS should be concerned about Goodwin’s behavior, and so should any parent with a child in Goodwin’s classroom.

“I’m just glad that my daughter is strong in who she is,” Doreen Wigderson said. “Imagine if she had that sent to another child with personal issues. That’s cyberbullying and completely inappropriate. You know that’s carrying over into her classroom.”

Ironically, Denise Calloway of MPS falsely accused RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson of being a “cyberbully” even though the editorial, and the follow-up editorial, was about the failure of MPS’ priorities when there are nearly 1,000 kids trapped in Milwaukee Vincent High School and nearly 25,000 students trapped in failing MPS schools.

The Wigderson family will be contacting MPS to complain about Goodwin’s inappropriate online behavior towards a minor child.

“Pray for my child? I’ll pray for your evil soul,” Doreen Wigderson said. “This was premeditated. Sadly, I know that MPS is just going to blow this off.”

Screen capture of Goodwin’s Facebook profile, edited to avoid showing other people in her Facebook header.