Democratic candidate for attorney general Josh Kaul has many questioning his stances on certain topics such as managing the prison populations and sanctuary cities. Absent candor on key issues, the source of much of his campaign funding may give the best indicator of what voters could expect of Kaul as Attorney General.

Kaul is running against Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel. Kaul has been criticized for his evasiveness on issues  such as whether he agrees with Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tony Evers on cutting the prison population in half or in defending laws he disagrees with.

According to a source, based on Kaul’s campaign finance report, over 69 percent of his funding is from liberal bastions Madison and Milwaukee, out of state sources and Unions:

Madison – $21,234.45 from 170 contributions

Milwaukee – $8,455 from 39 contributions (two PACs alone gave $6,000 total)

Out of State – $23,211.95 from 74 contributions

Unions – $23,589.18

Total – $76,490.58 (over 69 percent)

Notable contributors are founder of Farallon Capital and NextGen Climate Tom Steyer, and his wife, Kathryn Taylor, chief executive officer of Beneficial State Bank who donated $20,000 to Kaul’s campaign. Media Trackers previously reported on the Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer who aired personally-funded TV ads that called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, and who also founded the liberally motivated environmental group NextGen America.

Kaul has also been endorsed by Congressman Mark Pocan, the Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and lead champion of the ‘abolish ICE’ movement in Congress.

Governor Scott Walker, in an interview with Media Trackers Saturday, restated his assertion that the prison population reduction plan Evers supports would result in “thousand and thousands of violent criminals” being released from prison. Walker said Kaul, who wants to be the state’s top law enforcement officer, should disclose whether he supports that plan.

“While Democrats have proposed a range of dangerous policy positions that would leave Wisconsin less safe, Josh Kaul has sat idly by and remained silent,” Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Alec Zimmerman told Media Trackers, “When combined with his lack of experience in Wisconsin courtrooms and his lengthy record as a political attorney, it’s abundantly clear that Kaul would put his liberal special interests allies ahead of keeping Wisconsin families safe.”

Media Trackers has reached out to Kaul’s campaign for comment multiple times via email and phone asking if Kaul would state his positions on the issues in question or point us to answers he has previously given on these issues. We have not received any comment back from the campaign.

Sam Morateck is a reporter with Media Trackers. Reposted here with permission.