Jeremy “Segway Boy” Ryan, who gained notoriety as a Madison protester in 2011, was arrested for allegedly attempting to purchase enough radioactive material to poison someone.

From the report on TMJ4:

Justin Tolomeo, Special Agent in Charge of the Milwaukee Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a news release Jeremy Ryan, 30, of the Town of Madison has been charged with attempted possession of radioactive material with intent to cause death.

Ryan allegedly attempted to buy the lethal dose in March and October of 2018. He was arrested on Tuesday.

Ryan, who was dubbed “Segway Boy” faced multiple felony drug charges in 2016. He got the nickname after he was seen riding a Segway around the state capitol in 2011 taunting Republican lawmakers.

The reports don’t say who Ryan was intending to target with the radioactive material or his motive. According to TMJ4, Ryan could be facing life in federal prison.

Ryan has been arrested a number of times, and not just for activities related to protesting. In 2012, he was arrested for disorderly conduct outside the Capitol press room after he taunted Gwyn Guenther of the Wheeler Report over the death of her father and yelled at other members of the press. In 2014 he was charged with domestic abuse and stalking, but the charges were reduced to disorderly conduct. In 2016, Ryan faced “three felony counts of manufacturing and delivering marijuana and one felony count of maintaining a drug operation.”

In 2015, Ryan received $10,840 in compensation from the state in damages and attorney fees awarded by a Madison judge after Ryan and other protesters claimed they were the victims of wrongful arrests in the Capitol. At the time, the MacIver Institute reported Ryan had been “charged with disorderly conduct 16 times, though 14 of those were conveniently dismissed. Ryan has also been charged six times with unlawful assembly, once for an unlawful display or decoration and once for demonstration/picket without a permit.”

Ryan claimed his Segway was needed for his mobility due to a heart ailment. At one point, Ryan even announced he was dying on Facebook. Apparently he got better.

Here is a MacIver Institute video of Ryan’s “greatest hits” from 2014: