Over the past decade, few states were able to shine in the midst of the national fog that enveloped our economy. Thanks to Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin was one of them, posting consistent gains in both GDP and employment.

Nonetheless, under President Barack Obama, nearly everything that Walker did to revive the state’s economy was undermined by the Democrat Party in Washington.

Obama’s disastrous fiscal policies punished our private sector, slowing America’s economic recovery to what can best be described as a crawl. Resistance to this onslaught of harmful government overreach was futile.

As the Obama presidency went on, so did the impact on local communities such as Wausau.

In 2012, a local paper mill and a window-and-door manufacturer closed their doors, putting more than 1,400 Wisconsinites out of work.

Companies that somehow managed to weather the Obama economy often did so at great cost — they had no other choice but to lay off productive, honest workers, many of them close friends, who joined millions of unemployed Americans across the country.

Can you imagine what more Wisconsin could have done if we could have gotten away from the millstone of Obama’s stifling tax and regulatory policies that burdened businesses and pushed taxpayers to the brink?

Well, now we know that answer thanks to President Donald Trump’s bold economic policies that have unleashed Wisconsin’s economy in all new ways.

Unlike his predecessor, Trump has implemented policies to boost, not bust, the productivity of local economies, adding fuel to Walker’s growth agenda.

That’s exactly what Wisconsinites have been waiting for.

Since Trump took office, once-struggling companies are hiring again, and Wausau now has one of the lowest unemployment rates in America. In fact, with less than 3 percent unemployment, employers are having to increase wages and benefits to fill all the new vacancies.

Wausau’s all-American comeback story proves that Trump’s pro-worker agenda is succeeding.

“For the first time since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking job openings 18 years ago, there are more positions available than workers to fill them,” The Christian Science Monitor reported about the Wisconsin job market in July.

The booming economy that has brought jobs and wealth back to Wausau is also helping residents overcome poverty. Jacob Abendroth was homeless last year, living inside a tiny tent by the Wisconsin River. After checking in to a homeless shelter, he was able to find a job in construction, and has now worked there for about a year.

Plus, Trump’s pro-small business policies are allowing employers to raise wages and provide better benefits to a growing number of employees.

Ben Reif, a local business owner, did exactly that by raising the starting salary of his workers to $15 per hour and reducing the time it takes them to earn paid vacation. Reif even boosted the matching contribution for employee retirement plans in an effort to fill his company’s staff shortage.

“Right now we’ve got about 98,000 job openings and we don’t even have that many people unemployed to fill them,” Walker observed after visiting Wausau last month. “So that’s a challenge for us but again it’s a good one. It’s why wages continue to go up at a higher rate than the national rate is.”

The positive economic trends show no signs of slowing, either. Thanks to the effective partnership between Trump and Walker, the Foxconn Technology Group announced plans to invest $10 billion in Wisconsin, creating up to 13,000 more jobs across the state. Manufacturers and ginseng growers are benefitting right here in north-central Wisconsin.

There’s really only one way to stop Wisconsin’s red-hot recovery, and that’s by letting Democrats poison the economy with their toxic policies.

If the Democrats succeed in taking control of Congress this November, they will dig in their heels against President Trump and do everything in their power to restore the ill-considered policies that plagued our economy under President Obama.

Trump unchained Wisconsin’s economy. This November, let’s protect our prosperity by voting for Republicans who will back his job-creating agenda.

Sen. Tom Tiffany represents Wisconsin’s 12th Senate District.