The Thanksgiving holiday is dangerous. Just ask the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs (DMA). They’ve even engaged the Wisconsin Department of Emergency Management to take a break from flood and fire relief to warn the public about the Thanksgiving crisis.

“While we want everyone to have a fun Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday season, we also want people to stay safe,” said Wisconsin Emergency Management Administrator Brian Satula in a posting on the DMA website.

You may think about pilgrims, Squanto and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. The DMA hears “Thanksgiving” and thinks fire and destruction.

Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires in the U.S., according to the National Fire Protection Association. Many of those are the result of food or other cooking materials catching on fire. When preparing your holiday dinner, make sure you keep anything that can catch on fire — such as oven mitts, wooden utensils, towels and food packages — away from your stove.

Stay in your kitchen if you are frying, boiling or broiling food. If you are baking, make sure you check it regularly. Turn pot handles towards the back of the stove to help prevent bumping. Keep children and pets away from the stove.

That’s right. Stay in the kitchen. Keep children and pets away from the stove. That’s the important advice of serious state government agencies, agencies that you might have falsely believed have better things to do than advising people how to cook dinner.

The DMA also warns people that there could be danger while driving, too.

“Before you travel, check with 511 Wisconsin for the latest traffic and road conditions,” the website warns. “This information, along with live traffic cameras and traffic alerts, can be accessed on the 511 Wisconsin system, which includes a free mobile app, @511WI on Twitter, or the mobile-friendly site”

So remember everyone, be safe while driving by checking your cell phone.

And if disaster should happen on the roads, be prepared with an emergency kit. “A kit could help keep your family safe until help arrives,” the website advises. “Kits should include non-perishable foods, flashlight, extra hats, gloves and blankets.”

The best part about the non-perishable foods is that they don’t often require your pets to go near the stove.