Some people need to get a life. Our friends at the Associated Press are whining that Attorney General Brad Schimel was appointed as a Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge over 13 other applicants. Schimel’s appointment from Governor Scott Walker came the day after Schimel conceded the election to Democrat Josh Kaul in November rather than seek a recount in a race he lost by just 22,673 votes.

According to the AP:

The finalists included state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Chief Counsel Paul Dedinsky; Assistant Attorneys General David Maas and Katherine Spitz; state Department of Administration Gaming Division Administrator Jack Melvin; and Waukesha County Court Commissioner Sara Scullen.

You’ll notice not one of them has the same level of qualifications as Schimel, a state Attorney General. But that didn’t stop the AP from complaining, “Gov. Scott Walker passed over 13 other applicants to appoint outgoing Attorney General Brad Schimel to a Waukesha County judgeship” as if Schimel, a former Waukesha County District Attorney, wasn’t the most qualified person for the job.

Here’s a story suggestion for the AP: How much income in the private sector did Schimel likely gave up to become a judge? How much more could a state attorney general get just sitting on some law firm’s letterhead?

Schimel isn’t quoted at all in the story. How about asking him why public service means so much to him that he would accept an appointment to be a county judge?

Too bad the AP didn’t spend as much time looking into Kaul’s lack of qualifications to become Attorney General as they’re spending now looking into the post-Attorney General career of Schimel. The election outcome might have been different.

It’s not like being a Waukesha County judge is a cushy job. Between our big neighbor to the East and the county’s homegrown problems, being a Waukesha county judge is not spending all your time golfing at the Bushwood Country Club.