It’s the return of Editor James Wigderson to the Steve Scaffidi Show on 620 WTMJ. On this week’s show, Tony Evers is the governor of Wisconsin. What can Wisconsinites expect? Is Evers in over his head?

Also, the federal government is in a shutdown. The biggest wall so far is between President Donald Trump and the Democrats’ bargaining position. Does it rise to a “state of emergency?”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) made her 60 Minutes debut. Was Anderson Cooper still hungover from New Year’s Eve?

Evers and the legislature have different views on school choice. Will we have an honest discussion on school choice?

Finally, what was the most significant thing that happened on Monday other than the Green Bay Packers hiring a new head coach? And who is the favorite new villain for Madison Democrats?

You can listen to the interview beginning at the 18:07 mark on the podcast.