On Wednesday, The Cap Times mourned the loss of the Wisconsin news media’s favorite source and inspiration, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now. Ross is stepping down as executive director to supposedly take a position in the private sector:

Ross, 49, said he’s leaving for a job in the private sector, but would not say what that job is.

“I’m going to be a private citizen now,” he said with uncharacteristic reticence during a short interview.

Ross’ departure may explain some of the high-profile separations from the Gannett newspaper chain which will now have less need of so many stenographers for Ross’ rants.

However, we caution that Ross’ retirement from politics is likely only temporary. After all, as Dr. Raymond Stantz once said, “You don’t know what it’s like out there! I’ve WORKED in the private sector. They expect results.”

And Ross’ little fantasy world is probably going to be shattered during his first day of private sector employment. We can picture it now:

“What the f#$%! You want to take my f@#&*!g picture for a f#$%@*g racist photo ID? I have to wear this $&!+ every f#$%@*g day? You can f#$%@*g go eat a big bag of f#$%! you f@#&*!g racist ass#*!&. F#$% you.”

Human resources is going to have fun with this guy. He’ll be back.

Video courtesy of the MacIver Institute.