RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson joined WTMJ-AM’s Steve Scaffidi on Monday to talk about Andrew McCabe’s appearance on 60 Minutes and his book. Can we trust what McCabe said? Or his book? And what should we think about the FBI?

Also, Jussie Smollett’s story is unraveling like a bad television script. What lesson should we learn from the story about Smollett allegedly fabricating a racial attack? Will the national media learn anything from the story?

Wigderson and Scaffidi also talked about President Donald Trump’s press conference on Friday announcing the national emergency? How Trumpy was it, and did it undermine his own case for the national emergency declaration? Why aren’t more Republicans speaking up?

Governor Tony Evers announced on Monday that he was proposing the decriminalization of marijuana. Is he high? Will medical marijuana be legalized? Why is Evers stepping on his own message?

Finally, what grade should we give Evers for his performance so far, and when can we expect a completed state budget?