The campaign of Judge Brian Hagedorn, the conservative candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, unveiled their first television ad of the campaign, “Lily’s Story.” The ad tells the story of the Hagedorn family’s adoption of Lily, their daughter who was born addicted to opiates.

Judge Hagedorn: We knew adding to our family through adoption was going to be difficult but rewarding.

Christina Hagedorn: Lily was born addicted to opiates and had to struggle through withdrawal in my arms. But today she’s a happy, healthy little girl.

Judge Hagedorn: Adopting Lily has brought home the opioid crisis and how it affects families in such significant ways. We need to show compassion, but we also need to hold people accountable, and that’s exactly what I’ll do on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Narrator: Judge Brian Hagedorn for Supreme Court.

The ad will begin airing in the Milwaukee and Green Bay television markets on Wednesday.

Hagedorn currently serves as an appeals court judge in Eastern Wisconsin. His liberal opponent is Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer. The two candidates are competing for the seat being vacated by retiring Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

With the election of Justice Rebecca Dallet, a liberal, in 2018, conservatives hold a narrow 4-3 majority on the Supreme Court. If conservatives fail to take the Supreme Court seat currently held by Abrahamson, the next election for Supreme Court Justice in 2020 will become even more critical. Justice Dan Kelly, a conservative, will face the voters for the first time on an election day that also happens to fall on the Wisconsin Democratic primary for President of the United States. A competitive Democratic presidential primary could increase liberal voter turnout, boosting liberal hopes of retaking the Wisconsin Supreme Court.