Pro-Life Wisconsin’s Victory Fund PAC announced Wednesday the organization is endorsing Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, praising the judge’s judicial philosophy.

“A self-described ‘textualist,’ Judge Hagedorn supports an originalist reading of our federal and state constitutions that strictly adheres to their text and history,” said Matt Sande, Victory Fund PAC Director. “As a judicial conservative, he will rule impartially by interpreting and applying the law as written – not according to his own policy or political preferences.”

“He will not legislate from the bench, but rather will uphold our core constitutional rights, especially our freedoms of speech and religion, against government encroachment,” Sande added.

“Our statewide support is growing by the day, and it’s clear those who believe in the rule of law and an impartial court are rallying behind Judge Hagedorn’s candidacy,” Hagedorn’s campaign said in an email in response to the endorsement.

Hagedorn is facing Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer in the April 2 election. Hagedorn, the conservative candidate in the race, has been criticized by the Democrats for serving on the board of directors for a traditional conservative Christian school which asks its staff to live their lives accordingly. Hagedorn has also been criticized for making a legal comparison of the judicial cases for homosexuality and bestiality in a blog post over a decade ago, with critics falsely claiming that he equated the two.

Hagedorn recently defended himself on the Dan O’Donnell Show on WISN-AM explaining the blog post and accused his critics of trying to drive Christians from public life.

“This is what we’re seeing all across the country,” Hagedorn told O’Donnell. “It’s not just evangelical Christians. I think it’s even broader than that. It’s an effort to stamp out people of faith from public life that in itself is pernicious and wrong.”

Neubauer has been criticized for her partisan ties to the Democratic Party. Her daughter is a Democratic member of the state legislature and her husband served as the Democratic Party chairman and is a former member of the legislature. In addition, Neubauer attended a political rally protesting President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

In the press release announcing the endorsement, Sande told the story of Hagedorn’ adopted daughter Lily Jeanne, a child born addicted to opiates.

“Brian Hagedorn is a true public servant who has a heart for those most vulnerable,” said Sande. “His belief in the dignity of the human person makes him the only choice for pro-life voters. We are proud to endorse him.”