Former Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday he is bringing a big bag of cash to Wisconsin to help Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer’s campaign for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), an organization dedicated to helping Democrats control redistricting after the 2020 census, is going to spend $350,000 on Neubauer’s behalf and Holder himself will campaign in Wisconsin next week, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

Holder’s plan to campaign on behalf of Neubauer would run counter to the judge’s statements that she would ask outside groups not to campaign for her, saying that they’re bad for the process.

In an interview on Upfront with Mike Gousha, Neubauer was asked by Gousha if she could keep special interest money out of the race.

“This outside money has been frankly so toxic. You know it runs down the court system in the minds of the public. It really undermines the public’s confidence in our judicial system and we only have the confidence of the public in our court system that it’s going to be fair and impartial,” Neubauer told Gousha. “So I have called on outside money to stay out and I hope they will.”

However, Neubauer has yet to issue a statement asking the NDRC not to campaign in Wisconsin.

The NDRC has played in Wisconsin politics before, backing the liberal candidate in last year’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election as well as suing to force two special elections in the legislature. Democrats won a temporary victory in Senate District 1 in the special election when Caleb Frostman defeated then-Rep. André Jacque (R-De Pere). However, Jacque defeated Frostman in the November election, and Frostman is now Gov. Tony Evers’ Secretary for the Department of Workforce Development.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court could play a role in redistricting after the census if the legislature remains in Republican hands while Evers, a Democrat, remains as governor. In Pennsylvania, Democrats took control of the state Supreme Court and the Court promptly redrew the legislative district line maps to favor the Democrats over the Republicans, so it is likely Democrats are hoping to replicate that redistricting success in Wisconsin.

Neubauer, the liberal candidate in the race, is facing Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn, the conservative candidate. The election is April 2.