The rules no longer matter: up is down, black is white, flat is round. Hammer away long enough and one can made a square peg fit into a round hole. Sadly, this describes the evolution of today’s Democratic Party, which has adopted a win by any means necessary credo that defies reason.

Wisconsin’s new governor, Tony “Open Borders” Evers, has injected the new, far-left Democratic mentality into the bloodstream of the Badger State. Evers supports giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses; has ordered Wisconsin National Guard troops to surrender their positions at the southern border; is seeking to use taxpayer dollars, vis-à-vis Planned Parenthood, to underwrite abortion services; wants to legalize marijuana; and is determined to see the prison doors swing open to release “non-violent” offenders.

In the brave new world of Democratic politics, the term ‘law-and-order’ is now a pejorative. The same Democrats that publicly ignored the needs of our veterans during the Obama administration’s VA crisis, rally in droves to support illegal immigrants, even criminal immigrants.

Newly-elected Democratic Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas has hidden his law enforcement cap in the back of a cluttered closet, while officially donning his Democratic fedora. Lucas’ agency will no longer cooperate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain illegal immigrants arrested for crimes. In the new Democratic Party world, protecting those who commit crimes while in the country illegally takes precedent over the safety of American citizens.

An even bigger Democratic Party myth, which has somehow seeped into the minds of squishy Republicans, is so-called “criminal justice reform” – a concept that equates to going soft on crime. In the bizarro world of Evers, a man who clearly knows little about Wisconsin’s criminal justice system, legalizing marijuana would reduce African-American incarceration rates. In many jurisdictions, including Milwaukee, getting apprehended with an ounce or less of marijuana is punishable by a civil forfeiture citation. Maybe the Democratic cheerleaders at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, namely Patrick Marley and Molly Beck, could ask the Evers administration to provide a name of an individual currently serving time in prison for simple marijuana possession. My advice to Marley and Beck: don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, Democrats, and their fellow leftists employed as narrative-driven journalists, discuss “mass incarceration” and the “black incarceration rate” without once mentioning the elephant in the room: the collapse of the African-American family. In Wisconsin, 86 percent of African-American children are born to primarily poor, single mothers, which, empirical data makes clear, is the primary reason for the large African-American incarnation rate.

In 1960, the African-American incarceration rate was 10 percent. This was prior to many of the Warren Court’s defendant’s rights rulings, which extended the exclusionary rule to states and afforded indigent defendants attorneys at taxpayers’ expense. In 1965, out-of-wedlock African-American births stood at 24 percent. By 2012, the African-American out-of-wedlock birth rate in Wisconsin had escalated 86 percent, and the “black incarceration rate” also had tripled. Go figure.

Still, Democrats, such as Evers and the usual cast of characters at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, persistently seek to treat what they see as the symptoms – a decline in high-paying manufacturing jobs, segregation, and the educational achievement gap – instead of dealing with the underlining problem. After all, it is easier to blame the police, educational bias, and mass incarceration than addressing the collapse of the family in America.

And why do Democrats talk only about the symptoms instead of the cure? In 2012, 75 percent of single mothers voted for President Barack Obama. In the brave new Democratic Party world, single-mother dependency, and dependency on the government in general, equates to a strong voting block.

 Steve Spingola is a retired Milwaukee Police Department lieutenant of detectives, an author, and an investigator for television’s true crime program “Cold Justice.”