By Michael Carroll for

Like most states, Wisconsin has fattened up its rainy-day fund over the past decade, but the state remains in the bottom 10 in terms of the size of its dedicated reserves as a share of overall spending, according to a new Pew Charitable Trusts study.

The study found that Wisconsin made progress in putting more money into its rainy-day fund during Gov. Scott Walker’s years in office. In fiscal-year 2007, before the Great Recession hit, the state had $56 million in its dedicated reserve fund, or 0.4 percent of overall spending – enough to keep the state running for only 1.6 days.

“In (fiscal-year) 2018, the state had $320 million in its rainy-day fund, which is the equivalent of nearly seven days of operating costs for the state,” Justin Theal, a Pew state fiscal researcher, told That amount equals 1.9 percent of Wisconsin’s overall spending, according to the analysis.