Another special interest is supporting Judge Lisa Neubauer’s campaign for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin is spending $120,000 trying to get their preferred candidate elected, according to the Associated Press.

The spending and the endorsement by Planned Parenthood were sharply criticized by Heather Weininger, the executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

“We knew that Lisa Neubauer was Planned Parenthood’s desired candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court. But, now we know just how desperate Planned Parenthood is to get business back,” Weininger said in a statement Thursday. “They are willing to buy Lisa Neubauer in her quest for this seat. It only further illustrates how much is at stake for the lives of unborn babies in Wisconsin.”

Weininger also questioned whether Neubauer can be an impartial Supreme Court Justice given the outside money being spent on her behalf.

“We want to know what Lisa Neubauer thinks about this outside money coming in for her,” Weininger said. “Will she step aside the next time she sees Planned Parenthood in the courtroom?”

Dan Miller, Executive Director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, said Planned Parenthood sees in Neubauer an activist judge.

“An activist U.S. Supreme Court gave Planned Parenthood Roe v. Wade, forcing abortion on demand down our nation’s throat,” Miller said Thursday. “And it is precisely this kind of legislating from the bench that they expect to get from Lisa Neubauer on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

Miller said Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Neubauer is a reason to vote for Judge Brian Hagedorn in the Supreme Court election.

“We agree with Judge Hagedorn that Planned Parenthood, Wisconsin’s largest abortion provider and sexual corrupter of our youth, is ‘wicked,'” Miller said. “Their enthusiastic support of Lisa Neubauer should make every God-fearing Wisconsinite vote absentee right now for Brian Hagedorn.”

Neubauer is facing Hagedorn in the April 2 election. Hagedorn has been endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life PAC, the Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund and Wisconsin Family Action.