RightWisconsin reported on the death of musician and song writer Scott Walker, including that quite a number of leftists on Twitter took the opportunity to wish that it was Wisconsin former Governor Scott Walker who had died. For example:

However, newspaper publisher Gannett somehow magically reported on the coincidence of the two famous people sharing the same name without mentioning the leftist Twitter posts wishing that one of them was dead. The article that appeared in Gannett’s Appleton Post-Crescent, #RIPScottWalker was trending on Twitter and some people were momentarily confused, mentioned only those Twitter posts that may have been the result of momentary confusion.

“The hashtag #RIPScottWalker was trending on Twitter Monday morning, sending many into a state of confusion,” Trent Tetzlaff reported for Gannett. “To be clear, the hashtag wasn’t referring to former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. It was meant to remember musician Scott Walker, who died early Monday morning at age 76.”

Tetzlaff then included a number of Twitter posts that seemed to indicate confusion but did not include Twitter posts that wished the former governor was dead. Instead, he simply concluded the article by noting the coincidence of the names.

“Just another reason to hope no one with the same name as you ever becomes famous,” Tetzlaff wrote with no explanation.

Tetzlaff did not respond to our email and phone inquiries about the decision not to mention the wishes for the former governor’s death, including who at Gannett made the decision to exclude those Twitter posts from the story.