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Tuesday was an interesting day. My wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, and I took my son to city hall to register to vote for the first time. He turned 18 not too long ago and this is the first election in which he was eligible to vote.

Because he’s 18, he didn’t see the need to vote in this election. We had to drag him to the polls and, yes, he voted the right way. I might have let him slide but this election is just too important.

As we’re learned again on Tuesday, who sits on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is just as important as who is serving as governor. Another Dane County judge ruled against the Republican legislature in a case involving laws that were passed in extraordinary session in December. As the left continues to politicize the courts, and they see the courts as their way to do whatever they see as “good,” we have to be vigilant in electing judges who respect the rule of law.

We have to elect Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

I know you’re tired of hearing that every election is the most important election ever – and I don’t like saying it. However, this election is important, even setting aside the importance of the Supreme Court.

Hagedorn lives the life that once was held up as exemplary in American society. He’s a good church-going family man. He even adopted a troubled child. He has risen, not through inherited money, but by his own merits to the position of an Appeals Court Judge. He is involved in his community and even helped start a school. He has dedicated his life to community service.

For living that life, he has been personally attacked and vilified as a homophobic bigot. The left cannot find one case – not one – where his personal Christian beliefs have influenced his decisions as a judge. The left cannot find one case – not one – where he has personally benefitted from or had a conflict of interest in a case before him. But they have attacked him for being a practicing Christian, and their attacks have been echoed by an accomplice media willing to smear Hagedorn for political purposes.

On the other side of the equation, Hagedorn’s opponent is Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer. Others have reported on Neubauer’s rise through the political ranks as part of a Democratic machine family. Shortly after a donation to former Governor Jim Doyle, Neubauer was appointed to the bench. Her husband is a former state representative and her daughter is a current state representative.

Democratic special interests, from Planned Parenthood to former Attorney General Eric Holder’s Democratic redistricting organization, have intervened in this election on Neubauer’s behalf because they know she will be a reliable vote for their causes. They’re counting noses, and Neubauer’s nose would be one more towards a majority in advance of redistricting after the 2020 census. For these special interests, this election is not about rights or the law, but about power.

As for Neubauer’s character, questions have been raised over her sitting on cases involving her husband’s business clients. Because Neubauer stopped listing her husband’s clients on financial disclosure forms, we’ll never know just how many cases in which she participated where she had a personal conflict of interest.

But setting all of this aside, it is important to elect Hagedorn because we must not allow the left’s animus towards traditional Christians prevent a good man from serving in public office. Our country has a long tradition and even a Constitutional requirement for there to be no religious test for public office. While our country hasn’t always been perfect on this point, this principle must be upheld by the voters. If there is no space for the individual conscience in our society, if there is no room for personal beliefs, we do not have freedom. We have totalitarianism, whether it is elected or not.

It shouldn’t matter whether Hagedorn is a Scientologist, a Muslim, a Jew, or a Catholic. What should matter is how Hagedorn will interpret the law. Hagedorn has said he will follow the text of the law and not his personal preferences. His opponent cannot say that and pointedly did not when given the opportunity.

It is only in the law that we may all find safety and freedom. If there is no law but the capricious preferences of black-robed masters, that is not what Democracy looks like. That is tyranny.

James Wigderson