Judge Brian Hagedorn’s campaign is going on the offensive in the final days of the Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign, attacking his opponent Judge Lisa Neubauer for being a political insider who personally profited from her political connections. In the ad “Trust,” Hagedorn’s campaign also criticizes Neubauer for failing to disclose her family’s business clients while possibly sitting on cases that concerned them.

Hagedorn and Neubauer are running for the Supreme Court seat currently held by retiring Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Hagedorn is the conservative candidate in the race while Neubauer has been backed by Democratic special interest groups including Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Planned Parenthood and the extreme leftwing Wisconsin Working Families Party.

The election is this Tuesday, April 2.

The election for the open Wisconsin Supreme Court seat has taken on special significance in recent days as Democrats have been using Dane County judges to block laws passed by the Republican legislature in December during an extraordinary session.

The result has been chaos in the Capitol as Governor Tony Evers took advantage of temporary window provided by one Dane County judge to rescind 82 appointments made by former Governor Scott Walker. Evers and his fellow Democrat Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul also withdrew Wisconsin from a lawsuit regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare. An appeals court in Wausau has issued a stay in that court case while it considers an appeal from legislative Republicans.

Meanwhile, another Dane County judge has also partially ruled against the laws passed by Republicans in December by voiding some of the limits placed upon the governor’s authority by the legislature. That case is also being appealed by Republicans and both cases will likely end up in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Democrats have made winning control of the Supreme Court a priority in Wisconsin in advance of the 2020 census and the legislative redistricting that will follow. After Justice Rebecca Dallet’s victory in 2018, conservatives still hold a 4-3 majority. However, if Democrats retain control of the seat currently held by Abrahamson and then win the Supreme Court seat up for election next year, the Democrats would have a significant advantage in the redistricting process. In Pennsylvania, for example, a Democratic-controlled state Supreme Court took over the redistricting process from the legislature and drew the lines to give the Democrats a majority of the state’s congressional delegation.

Of special concern to Republicans, the election for Wisconsin Supreme Court will be on the same day as the Democratic Primary in Wisconsin for President of the United States. That means there likely will be a high Democratic voter turnout that day, threatening to overwhelm Republicans as they try to defend conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly.

Below is the transcript of the ad provided by the Hagedorn campaign and the video:

Lisa Neubauer spent years showering politicians with contributions…

Helping her gain influence, while the family business made millions in taxpayer-funded contracts.

Neubauer sat on cases involving clients of the business, ruling in their favor…and keeping client lists secret.
We can’t trust Lisa Neubauer.

Fortunately, we have a better choice. Judge Brian Hagedorn.

Judge Hagedorn will keep politics out of the courtroom and uphold our Constitution.

Stand with Judge Brian Hagedorn for Wisconsin Supreme Court.