Who are these people?

Perhaps he should tell his own side how they “won”

We extend our congratulations to the governor, his team and to every Wisconsinite – because this budget is truly a win for everyone in our state.

Ben Wikler
Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair – 7/3/19

FIRST: Governor Evers spent time traveling across Wisconsin listening to the people of Wisconsin’s priorities for his first budget.
THEN: The GOP in the state legislature ignored the People’s Budget and failed to prioritize education and road funding.
NOW: The GOP is poised to pass a budget that is more of the same and doesn’t fix the failures of the past eight years.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin fundraising email – 6/17/19

Long Train Running

We don’t know what’s funnier: That Scot Ross is still pining for a train that was killed nearly ten years ago and no Democratic politician has seriously proposed bringing it back, or that he’s ignorant of how the train was not going to stop in Waukesha.

Can We Suggest a Better Title?

I don’t remember, I don’t recall
I got no memory of anything at all
I don’t remember, I don’t recall
I got no memory of anything
Anything at all
– Peter Gabriel

Something we wish we could forget.

Suddenly President Donald Trump’s fast food buffets of Big Macs and Whoppers at the White House don’t look so bad.