I received a request to appear on Devil’s Advocate Radio, a leftwing radio talk show. I don’t normally answer media requests publicly, but I think this request goes to my bigger concerns about civility in politics. So the request and my reply are below:

Good morning James,
We invite you to have a discussion with us on the radio re: fascism, socialism, racism, conservatism, politics, Trump, current events, etc.
We air 3-6pm M-F and usually do a 12-15 minute phone interview, longer if in studio.  Please advise.


Dominic Salvia, Co-Host The Devil’s Advocates Radio

Dominic, I assume this is in response to a Twitter exchange on August 20, here and here.

Given the tone and vocabulary of the Devil’s Radio tweets (calling me a “f–k-r and former Governor Scott Walker a fascist), I hardly believe that it would be possible to have a civil discussion of any of the above topics on your program. Perhaps a civil discussion would be possible if you could refrain from calling Walker a fascist or me some other name, but I doubt that is within your (or your co-host’s) capabilities.

But, even assuming that such restraint is possible, I would have to be an idiot to go on a radio program that has called me a “racist” just last September. After your co-host said that about me, you asked me to appear on your program to defend myself. My answer then still applies today:

“To call me a racist, as a host on this program did online, and then to ask me on for an interview, is such a ridiculous request that it was easily ignored. I’m owed an apology, not a request for an interview from someone who clearly has no interest in the truth.”

My decision to decline to appear on your program stands. Consider it a blow for decency.

James Wigderson 
Editor, RightWisconsin