Last Summer I wrote an op-ed for RightWisconsin that helped expose a “Republican” candidate for sheriff who had signed the petition to recall former Governor Scott Walker. Well, this year that former “Republican” candidate for sheriff is endorsing Dodge County Assistant District Attorney Jim Sempf for judge in Dodge County. Sempf, as you may have guessed, also signed the Walker Recall Petition and is running around Dodge County claiming to be a conservative. 

Knowing that Dodge County Circuit Judge Steven Bauer would be retiring from the bench, Sempf decided to join the Dodge County Republican Party. Following his announcement that he was running for judge, Sempf used his membership in the Dodge County GOP to volunteer his time at the Republican Party booth at the Dodge County Fair. This arrangement allowed for Sempf to meet potential voters while appearing to be a good and loyal Republican. 

Taking his new found Republicanism one step further, Sempf posed for a picture with Congressman Glenn Grothman (R-WI06) while attending the Randolph Corn Carnival’s annual parade on Labor Day, helping to strengthen his image as a true believing Dodge County Republican. 

Congressman Glenn Grothman (left) and judicial candidate Jim Sempf, in a photo that appears on the Sempf campaign’s Facebook page.

While judicial races are technically non-partisan, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Sempf joined the Dodge County GOP just in time to announce his candidacy.  

Maybe he’s had a change of heart and now sees all the good that Walker’s ACT 10 changes did to help balance our budget and strengthen our economy, or maybe this is just a charade to fool Dodge County’s overwhelming conservative voters into thinking he’s one of them. Either way, there will be plenty of time for Dodge County residents to check over all of the candidates and to judge all of their qualifications.

But I just want to make sure that my Dodge County Republican friends aren’t fooled by a selfie taken at a corn carnival. 

Rohn Bishop is Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County