Bill Penzey, the controversial owner of Penzeys Spices, emailed his customers on Thursday to inform them he’s been selling bad chicken soup base that needs to be recalled. He wrote:

If you have chicken soup base from us please check your jar’s best by dates to see if yours has been recalled. The lot numbers are: 00139, 01839, 01049, SEP0820VAN, and OCT1420VAN. These were sold from 3.16.19 onward. If you have one of these jars, don’t use it and see the instructions below for your refund.

We just needed to mail this notice to our customers who are chicken soup base buyers, but we mailed everyone because this recall affects a huge number of products that contain cooked chicken. Especially if you are cooking for the very young, the elderly, those who may be pregnant or those with weakened immune systems and have in your home products that contain cooked chicken that are “ready-to-eat” you should be checking the USDA’s page on this recall here. The list is currently at 191 pages and is growing. Though there have not been confirmed cases of illnesses from these products, the risk is real. Don’t take chances.

However, Penzey couldn’t resist the opportunity to blame Trump for the contaminated chicken.

“This also seems a good moment to point out the obvious in all of this and that is those saying deregulation is good for business and good for the American people are oftentimes really wrong,” Penzey wrote. “We never had to recall any U.S. made products in the Obama years or under Bush, Clinton or the original Bush either. Just saying.”

Penzey is the owner of the Wauwatosa-based spice company known for sending out catalogs and emails insulting Republicans for being racists, a campaign that pre-dates the election of Trump. Penzey is now the leading spender on Facebook in support of impeachment of the president.