Joe Biden remains the top Democratic presidential candidate in Wisconsin. 

The latest Marquette Law School Poll shows that Biden continues to be the top choice among Democratic voters. Twenty-three percent of Democrats say Biden is their first choice, and another 18 percent say Biden is their second choice. 

Bernie Sanders is the first choice of 19 percent of Democratic voters and the second choice of 18 percent. Elizabeth Warren is the top second-choice for Democrats in Wisconsin. Twenty-one percent of voters in the poll said she is their second choice. But Warren is the first choice of only 14 percent of voters. 

But that could change. According to pollsters, 60 percent of Democratic primary voters say they might change their minds before April. Another 38 percent say their choice is set in stone. 

Biden, Sanders and Warren are all popular with Democrats. The poll says Biden’s favorable/unfavorable rating is 68 percent favorable and 24 percent unfavorable. Sanders’ rating is 67 percent favorable, 22 percent unfavorable. Warren’s rating is 62 percent favorable, and 20 percent unfavorable.

When it comes to beating President Donald Trump, the poll says Biden is closest to winning a head-to-head match-up.

All four of the top Democrats are statistically tied with the president, according to the survey. The Marquette Law School Poll’s margin of error is four percent, but Biden has the biggest lead. 

According to the poll, Biden beats Trump 49-45, Sanders beats the president 47-46. The poll says Trump beats the next two top Democrats. He has a 48-45 lead over Elizabeth Warren, and a 46-44 lead over Pete Buttigieg. 

All four match-ups are within the poll’s margin of error. 

Trump’s job performance rating jumped a bit to 48 percent approval and 49 percent disapproval. Pollsters say this poll is the first time that the president’s disapproval rating in Wisconsin is below 50 percent. 

The poll was conducted Jan. 8-12. The sample included 800 registered voters in Wisconsin interviewed by cell phone or landline, with a margin of error of +/- 4.1 percentage points.

Benjamin Yount reports on Illinois and Wisconsin statewide issues for The Center Square. Reposted with permission.