The 2016 election was a pivotal moment for the pro-life movement. America elected the most pro-life president in its history. Pro-life voices are finally being listened to, however much work still needs to be done.

Shortly after being sworn into office, President Donald Trump blocked the spending of American tax dollars on abortion abroad with the ‘Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance program’. Trump repealed President Barack Obama’s federal guidance that previously forced states to send Medicaid funds to PlannedParenthood, the nations largest abortion provider. He also issued the Protect Life Rule which prevents abortion providers from receiving federal funds for family planning programs under Title X. Furthermore, his appointments to our federal agencies, and his nominees to the United States Supreme Court, have track records of being committed to pro-life positions and legislation. 

The 2020 election will be another defining moment for the pro-life movement. We cannot afford to lose ground. We must keep up the good fight for our country’s most vulnerable. With the significant progress made over the last few years, the abortion industry and its activists are finally on its heels. And victory is finally within our grasp! 

Last year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the so-called “Reproductive Health Act”, eliminating restrictions on late-term abortions and protections for infants who survive a botched abortion. Murder of children in the womb is in and of itself a disgrace. To then allow a baby born from a failed abortion to die by denying that infant medical care is barbaric–this procedure is infanticide.

While abortionists claim never wanting this to occur, only if “medically necessary,” I would ask them, why then was the Twin Towers memorial lit up pink in “celebration” of Cuomo’s law? Why are they celebrating death and not life?

Virginia passed similar legislation this year, and pro-abortion activists won’t rest until taxpayers fully fund abortion-on-demand with no exceptions. Obviously there is still much work to do.

Shortly after the passage of the New York bill, U.S. House Republicans introduced a petition to bring to the floor the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act. This bill would ensure that babies who survive abortion are guaranteed life-saving medical treatment, and could not be left to die simply because they are deemed “undesireable.”   

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refuses to allow a vote on this bill. To override her decision, 218 signatures on a petition are required. The house currently only has 204 signatures made up of all Republicans, with only three of which are Democrats.

Congressman Ron Kind (D) is not one of them. He is unwilling to take a stand for the most defenseless members of our society. Even though the proposed bill would do nothing to limit abortion, the abortion industry states it would interfere with a women’s right to choose.

The morally depraved abortion industry has a power grip on many congressional representatives, including Kind. It’s amazing Democrats cannot even support ending this form of infanticide.

In our own state, Wisconsin’s Democratic representatives and governor do not support providing life-saving care to babies born alive during an abortion attempt. Our state’s Born Alive Protection Act mirrors the federal Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Although Wisconsin has multiple laws protecting infants, this legislation would help update a few pieces of life-saving language that were not included in previous bills. Republicans passed this bill without even a single vote from Democrats, and then witnessed the inexplicable veto by Democrat Governor Tony Evers.

How can this bill even be considered controversial or partisan? Apparently, the Democratic Party has unabashedly become the party of abortion extremism, and the Republican Party, the party of being pro-life. 

Do we really want abortion extremists leading our country into a new era where precious lives are further devalued and destroyed? It is up to us, Pro-lifers, to continue pushing for all life to be equally protected under the law from conception until natural death. It has never been more important to vote for pro-life candidates, all the way down the ballot, than it is now. 

Unlike current Congressman Ron Kind, I pledge to you today that I will take a stand for the most defenseless members of our society. The unborn in this congressional district do not have an elected voice. But if I am elected in November, I will be your voice, and a champion for the rights of the unborn.

Jessi Ebben is a Republican candidate in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District and a public relations professional from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.