The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted on July 23 to pass a resolution in support of The People’s Justice Guarantee, a federal bill that seeks to enact a long list of radical criminal justice reforms, including banning juvenile prisons, legalizing prostitution and marijuana, and funding the Green New Deal.

The County Board passed the resolution, 12-5, with one supervisor, Shawn Rolland, abstaining.

Supervisors Patti Logsdon, Shawn Rolland, Ryan Clancy, and Russell Antonio Goodwin, Sr. offered an amendment to the resolution. The amendment failed 7-11.

The amendment would have struck out support for the People’s Justice Guarantee and would instead broadly support any federal criminal justice reform bill that “Acknowledges the harms and ineffectiveness of mass criminalization and mass incarceration of non-violent people; Prioritizes decarceration for non-violent offenders and dramatically reduces jail and prison populations; Eliminates wealth-based discrimination and corporate profiteering; Transforms the experience of confinement; Begins to repair the damage wrought by the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (1994 Crime Bill), and the punitive, expensive, violent, and racist systems of criminalization, by investing in the health and well-being of communities and our nation”

The County Board resolution supporting the People’s Justice Guarantee will now be sent to all state congressmen who represent Milwaukee County.

The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy is a Wisconsin-based think tank that promotes free markets, individual freedom, personal responsibility and limited government. Reposted with permission.