Rioters attacked the Wisconsin State Capitol again Monday night as Governor Tony Evers called out the National Guard in Kenosha but ignored the threat in Madison.

The office of state Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) was one of the offices on the ground floor that suffered damage.

Video from Sen. Howard Marklein on YouTube shows the damage.

Marklein released the following statement:

It is almost exactly two months since the last time I sat in my office at the State Capitol with broken windows. There is absolutely no justification for the vandalism, destruction, rioting and looting that took place at the State Capitol, in the City of Madison or the City of Kenosha last night.

We need leadership in this state to take a stand, protect our citizens and call for peace, rather than capitulating to violent mobs. Governor Tony Evers and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes made irresponsible comments about the incident in Kenosha before having all of the facts. They did not call for peace. They did not encourage calm. They did encourage people to jump to conclusions and take negative action. The Governor needs to accept responsibility for this. His words have consequences.

Now, many businesses are destroyed and livelihoods are ruined before we even have the facts of this case. Even when we DO know the facts of this case, there is no excuse to destroy innocent lives and livelihoods. No excuse.

The office of state Sen. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) was also damaged.

Kapenga released the following statement:

I haven’t been this frustrated in my nearly 50 years. In the middle of a virus that has become a political football at the expense of the governed, we are being forced to stand by and watch our cities fall into chaos. For the second time this summer, my Capitol office was vandalized by a violent mob of rioters. While the damage to my office pales in comparison to the destruction of property and livelihoods happening in both Madison and Kenosha, it is emblematic of the growing disregard for the rule of law by some elected officials.

Following the shooting of Jacob Blake, Governor Evers issued a statement designed to fan the flames of outrage without having any of the details necessary to make such a judgement. In these situations, we should be getting facts through the investigatory process before rushing to judgement for political gain. If police officers break the law, then they should be held accountable to the full extent of the law, and vice versa.

Everyone has the right to peacefully protest. However, we place ourselves in a dangerous position if some in society are allowed to break the law in the name of justice. As our cities continue to be looted, burned, and destroyed, law abiding citizens are growing more and more frustrated as they helplessly watch this destruction take place. Governor Evers once again has shown very little interest in upholding the rule of law, a key function of his position.

Governor Evers has the resources and the responsibility to put a stop to this violence and destruction, yet he foments division and destruction while hiding in the Governor’s Mansion with police protection. We should not allow him to continue to betray his oath of office. Wisconsinites deserve better.

Legislators received an email from the governor’s office:

Good morning,

As you may have seen, there was damage to the Capitol building last night. There were multiple windows broken, including your office. Capitol Police responded and remained onsite to secure the offices impacted, and DOA facilities have now begun repairing the windows. 

At least one individual was arrested early this morning by local law enforcement. Capitol Police, WI State Patrol, Madison Police Department and Dane County Sheriff’s Office were all involved in responding to the civil unrest that occurred at the Capitol and surrounding areas and law enforcement continues to actively investigate last night’s incidents.


Zach Madden,
Legislative Liaison,
Office of Governor Tony Evers

At least one state legislator on the ground floor of the Capitol removed valuable from the art from the office to protect it.

State Rep. Jon Plumer (R-Lodi) showed on Facebook the preparations for the Tuesday night protests and probable riots. A common sight during the administration of Gov. Tony Evers, the windows are boarded up.

“This afternoon they boarded up my ground floor window at the Capitol, staff went home early in anticipation of further violence.” – Rep. Jon Plumer

State Rep. Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) also posted photos on her Facebook page of the damage and the boarding up of the Capitol windows (click to enlarge):