Urban Milwaukee is reporting yet another attempt at liberal talk radio in Milwaukee has failed. WRRD “News Talk Radio” is closing its Milwaukee studio and dropping its signal strength accordingly.

Where-oh-where will Milwaukeeans hear leftwing opinions on the airwaves now?

Was the station another victim of the virtual Democratic National Convention? Yes, according to Urban Milwaukee.

“The station originally used the tagline ‘Resistance Radio,’ which potential advertisers found to be quite resistable,” according to Michael Horne at Urban Milwaukee. “It changed the tag to a simple ‘News Talk.’ The station also expected to generate revenue from the Democratic National Convention which was to be held in Milwaukee, but instead became a virtual event. Furthermore, Crute had hoped the station would attract Democrats and ads for their candidates, but perhaps the bombastic nature of the talk radio medium did not translate easily from Conservative to Liberal discourse.”

Apparently the GoFundMe failed, too.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that with so many outlets for liberals in Milwaukee that there was no market for one more media outlet saying the same things, albeit in a cruder, less-interesting fashion.

Conservative talk radio does well because they operate in a vacuum. There are no outlets for conservatives in the Milwaukee media except talk radio and online.

The station was the Milwaukee home of Devil’s Advocate Radio, a leftwing radio talk show. The Devil will survive in Madison, with station owner Mike Crute continuing to co-host the show with Dominic Salvia.

In August of 2019, Crute and Salvia invited me to appear on their program. I respectfully declined, pointing out their incivility and labeling of me as a racist was not conducive to having a meaningful conversation.