An alleged domestic terror group, the so-called “Wolverine Watchmen,” planned to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), bring her to Wisconsin, put her on trial for “treason,” and then overthrow the state government in her state, according to the FBI.

The plot sounds almost comical, if it wasn’t so dangerous. The details for the plot, reported by the Detroit News, include terrorist-style bombs with added shrapnel, blowing up a bridge, targeting law enforcement, and even instigating a “civil war,” a fantasy by some on the radical Right known as Boogaloo.

Whitmer was targeted because of her policies to stop the Covid-19 pandemic.

The state of Michigan already had a dangerous moment earlier this year when armed “militia” staged a protest at the Capitol in Lansing, many of them carrying rifles. This cosplay Bolshevism has now given way to a possible real threat of political violence over the Covid-19 restrictions in Michigan.

As disturbing as that is, we should also be concerned about the possibility that the violence would have spilled over into Wisconsin. The alleged militia members experimented with bomb making in Wisconsin, according to the FBI. Whitmer was supposed to be put “on trial” and murdered here.

Perhaps we should be asking, why here? What made Wisconsin allegedly attractive for potentially violent terrorists? Is it just because of our dense Northwoods providing isolation, the same isolation John Dillinger found at Little Bohemia Lodge? Let’s hope that’s the reason, and not because they thought they would find support for their alleged terror plot in our state.

Far too often I see too many on the Right on social media practically begging for another “Civil War,” or some other domestic disturbance which they claim they would meet with their guns. Most of these wannabe Civil War soldiers are full of it.

But we saw this week what happens when a group gets together that is actually serious about committing acts of violence and terror. They may not have had a coherent political philosophy, but they didn’t need one to leave dead bodies and a shaken nation in their wake.

Thank God the FBI stopped the alleged terror plot before it happened.