State Rep. Robyn Vining (D-Wauwatosa) is working so hard to get your vote, she’s claiming credit for laws never passed.

In multiple mailings to voters in her district, Vining is claiming credit for the “Pregnancy Protection Act” and the “Healthcare Heroes Act.” The problem is, neither of those were ever passed by the state legislature. One of the “acts” wasn’t even introduced as a bill.

Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, said Vining is using the false claims to hide her record.

“If you want to look at her real record, look no further than the boarded up windows on North Ave,” said Zimmerman in a statement to RightWisconsin. “The fact is that she’s gotten nothing done in Madison, so she has to lie to make it look like she has.”

An “act” is what a bill is called when it has passed both houses in the same form and is signed into law by the governor.

What Vining is calling the “Pregnancy Protection Act” is actually Assembly Bill 987. The bill was introduced in March, referred to committee, and was not considered before the the legislature adjourned.

The bill, AB 967, never passed the legislature.

State Sen. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield), which represents the Senate district containing Vining’s Assembly district, explained Vining is incorrect to use the word “Act” to describe bills that haven’t passed.

“It’s understood that a bill is introduced in the hopes of making it a law and it becomes law if the governor signs the bill,” Kooyenga said in an email to RightWisconsin. “In other words, ‘Act 10’ was what happened when the budget repair bill passed both houses and was signed by the governor.”

Kooyenga added that Vining’s “pregnancy protection” bill is already covered by a federal law, the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act, so Vining’s bill would be redundant.

Another mailing from Vining claiming credit for the “Pregnancy Protection Act” which was never passed into law by the legislature.
Left side of the mailing claiming credit for a law that was never passed.

Vining’s other “Act,” the “Healthcare Heroes Act,” the campaign cannot decide if was an “Act” (a law) or just a bill. However, it’s neither.

After the Republican-controlled legislature adjourned in Spring, having already passed a Covid-19 bill in April to authorize state spending to deal with the pandemic, Vining circulated a proposal for a bill in June seeking co-sponsors. Because it was after the legislature adjourned, no bill number was assigned, no bill was introduced to an Assembly committee let alone passed into law.

Nonetheless, Vining claims credit for both introducing the Healthcare Heroes Bill and the Healthcare Heroes Act, depending on the campaign mailing to the voters.

Here Vining is claiming credit for a non-existent bill. The bill draft was circulated after the legislature adjourned, having already dealt with Covid-19 legislation.

The draft proposal for the bill was written in June, well after the legislature adjourned.

In the above mailing, Vining is actually quoted taking credit for a non-existent bill. In the mailed below, the non-existent bill suddenly becomes an “act,” a law, even though it was never introduced.

In this mailer, the “Healthcare Heroes Bill” is changed to a “Healthcare Heroes Act,” even though the bill was never introduced in the Assembly, let alone passed into law.

The false claims by Vining hide the real candidate from the voters, according to Zimmerman.

“The truth about Robyn Vining,” said Zimmerman, “is that she supports tax hikes that would crush small businesses, and completely failed to stand up to violent, anti-police protests.”

Neither Vining nor the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, which paid for the mailings as an in-kind contribution, responded to requests for a statement.