(The Center Square) – Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers will not face a recall election. 

The woman who heads the group that was trying to remove the governor from office before 2022 said Monday the recall effort is over. 

“It is with a heavy heart we announce that after proofing and what came in over the weekend we have fallen short. We do not have enough signatures to turn in,” Misty Polewczynski said in a Facebook post. 

Polewczynski was leading the effort to remove the governor over how he handled the summer’s protests and violence in Kenosha. She also was angry with Gov. Evers because he shut down the state to try and slow the coronavirus. 

Polewczynski, however, created problems for herself with some of the things she said. 

It was just last week that Polewczynski told a Facebook group that she makes things up, adding she liked to try and make the press look dumb. Polewczynski originally said she had the 670,000 signatures she’d need to force a recall, but then told the same Facebook group last week not to believe the numbers she was quoting to the media. 

If Polewczynski had the signatures to force the recall, they would have been due Tuesday. 

Many Republican leaders in Wisconsin were not fans of the idea of a recall. Gov. Evers was able to raise unlimited amounts of money because of the recall, and many in Republican circles said the effort would hurt Republican candidates this year and again in 2022. 

Wisconsin’s Republican leaders are not officially commenting about the recall’s demise. 

Polewczynski is not saying just how short of the 670,000 signatures her petition fell, although she did try and rally her supporters on Monday.

“As we come to the conclusion of this effort, and we realize our numbers are short, we want our volunteers to hold their heads high and be proud of what was accomplished,” the Effort to Recall Gov. Evers said in an official statement. “We set a precedent and let the powers that be in this state know that we will not stand for the status quo any longer. Whatever side of the aisle you sit on – we the people’s voices have been heard!”

Benjamin Yount reports on Illinois and Wisconsin statewide issues for The Center Square. Reposted with permission.