Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly confirmed in an email to RightWisconsin Wednesday night that he had spoke to Alderman Aaron Perry (D), but the alderman told the mayor he has no intention to resign after his arrest for domestic violence on Tuesday.

Reilly did say, if the allegations are true, Perry should not serve on the Common Council. “I just read a portion of the complaint,” Reilly said. “Damn. If true he should not continue serving.”

The criminal complaint against Perry was filed just one week after running and losing as the Democratic candidate for the state Assembly in the 97th District, his second attempt at the seat. One of Perry’s campaign slogans was, “Proven leadership, fighting for Wisconsin families.”

A request for comment from the Democratic Party of Waukesha County was not returned by press time.

Reilly said, if the allegations are true, the process of removing Perry would take some time.

“Procedure wise there is the recall option and/or a charges filed with CC and then a hearing and determination and right to appeal,” Reilly said in an email.

Screen capture of a video posted on Perry’s Assembly campaign Twitter feed.

In a statement to the Waukesha Freeman, Perry maintained his innocence. “I’m innocent of all charges,” Perry said. “Beyond that I am not allowed to comment.”

In the criminal complaint obtained by the Wisconsin Right Now website, Perry called his ex-wife to help with the children who were supposed to be returning to their mother. When his ex-wife arrived, Perry was allegedly intoxicated and there was a verbal altercation where the alderman allegedly told her that the police would not do anything to him because of his position with the city.

“The defendant made statements indicating that he could not be arrested and that any allegations against him would not stand,” according to the complaint. “The defendant continued to prohibit victim A and the children from leaving the elevator.”

The altercation became physical, allegedly, when Perry broke his ex-wife’s cell phone as she attempted to call 911 for help and held her arms pinned to her side in front of her children as the family attempted to leave the apartment building.

As the children were crying, according to the criminal complaint, Perry finally relented and released his ex-wife.

When police responded to investigate after the incident, Perry allegedly told the officers that they were “wasting their time” and added a threat. “I just want you to know that this is not a good decision,” Perry allegedly told the officers. “This is going to haunt you.”

Perry, according to the online court database, is facing one felony charge, Intimidate Victim/Damage Property, and three misdemeanor charges: Battery – Domestic Abuse, Criminal Damage to Property Domestic Abuse, and Disorderly Conduct Domestic Abuse.

The alderman signed a $2500 signature bond for his release. As part of his release, Perry must wear a GPS tracking device, he must not come within 1500 feet of his ex-wife, and he must not consume or possess any alcohol while maintaining absolute sobriety.